Welcome to your new life...

So, this is what's happened. After 17 years working in a water industry giant, I was offered a redundancy 'quote', yes, not a package, it was a quote. Very impersonal, but anyway, their loss, your gain!

I grew up on a motorbike, just outside of Rockhampton, racing motocross and spending my weekends exploring the vast land between The Caves and Byfield National Park. Geez I covered some kilometers on that thing. I always wanted to see what was over the next hill, in the next valley. Fast forward a few years (ok, quite a few) and my focus has shifted from motorbikes to mountain bikes but my love for exploring hasn't.

Joining up with the Gold Coast Mountain Bike Club I started the idea of 'Evening Rides' which is now one of our most attended events, happening every fortnight ( feel free to join us. I found real enjoyment in showing others the hidden gems, what was over the next hill, the next valley, in Nerang National Park. I ventured further, Boomerang Farm, Daisy Hill, Bayview, the list goes on. During these travels I have amassed a great knowledge of the trail networks in South East Queensland. So, my wife had the idea "Why don't you take tours showing people these places you love?" MTB in Paradise was born.

Lost World creek, my happy place.

I created MTB in Paradise a few years previously, however it wasn't until I was offered the redundancy quote that I have jumped in, pedals and all, to this journey. Please join me for a tour, a transfer or some coaching, it's what I love to do and what I love to show to others.

Saddle up,


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